Fuzion Relaunches Diamond Brand Diamanté

History of Diamanté

In 1999, Maney Douek bought David Rock LTD, hiring their staff and taking over their product line, suppliers and customer base. In 2015, The Diamanté Group partnered up with the Koshi family from Mumbai, who had been major Diamond dealers for generations. Over many years, Fuzion’s Diamanté divisions had an exclusive agreement with a major retailer. As of 2020, Fuzion started rebranding the division to sell their line to more retailers in the U.S. as well as overseas. The company is focusing specifically on developing trend diamond product at affordable price points.

Our Goals for the Diamanté Brand

The goal of Diamanté and its parent company Fuzion is to offer its customers a unique product. With that goal in mind, the design department will be incorporating colored diamonds as well as gemstones into their unique creations.

In order to be socially responsible Diamanté in 2021 will be adding Lab Created diamonds also known as CVD diamonds and HPHT diamonds to its extensive line. Lab created diamonds have properties such as hardness, thermal conductivity and electron mobility that are superior to those of most naturally formed diamonds. Both CVD and HPHT diamonds can be cut into gems and various colors can be produced: clear white, yellow, brown, blue, green and orange.

Diamanté’s design team is hard at work producing their 2022 line which will be launched shortly.

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