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Fuzion Creations is an innovative, trend-setting jewelry importer who will not only bedazzle you with our designs but inspire you with our philanthropic values.

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We don't follow trends, we create them. Our talented team designs, manufactures and imports best-selling pieces of jewelry.
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About Fuzion Creations

Our History

Fuzion Creations was founded over 40 years ago with the goal of providing retail brands with better jewelry options. With a focus on vibrant, cutting-edge designs, Fuzion has successfully become a leading jewelry provider to its retail partners. Fuzion is now an international company with offices in the U.S. and China.


Seasonal Designs


Years in Business

Why Buy Fuzion?

Experienced Craftsmen

With over 40 years of experience, we have refined and mastered our design, manufacturing, and import processes.

Best Value For Your Money

With extensive research, we discover which materials offer the best quality-to-price value. This allows us to offer high end jewelry at comfortable prices.

We Are International

From Hong Kong to Vegas, to Arezzo to Vincenza, we showcase our extensive line of jewelry at all major jewelry shows.

Brooklyn, New York

Guangzhou, China

Retail Partners

Fuzion's retail partners consist of jewelry stores, television networks, national and regional department stores, discount chains, online retailers and flash sites. To help our retail partners in today's competitive environment, we have added EDI, drop shipping and packaging to our services. Our design team and retail partners often collaborate on boxes and displays. Innovative packaging is combined with our cutting edge designs to produce an overall product experience that will be most appealing to the consumer.

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