Fuzion Creations Recognized as a Top Four Drop Shipper

The Annual 444 List

In 2019, ecommerce grew by a whopping 18% and drop shipping was a huge part of that growth. Dsco’s annual 444 list showcases the best of the year’s drop ship suppliers. These are the brands that process tens of thousands of orders with near perfect fulfillment. Congratulations to every company on this list for being such excellent drop ship partners!

Fuzion Creations Recognized as a Top Four Drop Shipper

Today Dsco announced their ranking of the top 444 drop shipping brands of 2019. Rankings on Dsco’s 444 List are categorized by performance both in virtual communication and physical fulfillment. White Mark, Fuzion Creations, Elite, and Melissa & Doug were recognized as top four drop shippers, each with perfect fulfillment on hundreds of thousands of orders. Many of the other brands on the 444 List maintained rates of 98% or higher.

"We prioritize drop ship orders every day and it’s a huge team effort to maintain such a high fulfillment rate,” said Larisa Mikhaylov, VP of IT for BCI Brands.

Drop shipping has been in the news recently with REI launching its own program last October and Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison stating that Lowe’s is “improving our systems and processes to allow us to quickly add SKUs and drop ship vendors to more rapidly expand our online assortment.” Last May, Kohl’s also signed an exclusive drop ship partnership with Fanatics to significantly broaden the fan gear assortment for Kohl’s online customers.

With many drop shippers now surpassing industry fulfillment benchmarks of 95%, distributed fulfillment models such as drop shipping appear poised to take up a larger and larger portion of ecommerce. "Drop shipping has been a key initiative and major source of growth for our company,” said Tiffany Bowe, Karen Kane’s Vice President of Sales.

“What’s fascinating about this year’s list is the number of brands able to process tens of thousands of orders while maintaining a 99.5% or better fulfilment rate,” said Jeremy Hanks, CEO of Dsco. “Brands can now fulfill orders faster, cheaper, and better through drop shipping than traditional fulfillment models.”

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